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Metaphysical Moments
Take a moment, change your life...

by Rev. Carla Comiter

During the month of September, we explore several belief-imploding ideas that will aid you in uncovering your core beliefs and understanding their impact on your life. 

During our Sunday service, we will take a few moments to discuss the idea of the week and share feedback from applying the previous idea. Each Monday, we will send emails with the idea of the week and related information. 

These four ideas have been carefully selected for their ability to change how we think, to free us from the invisible restrictions of conventional thought and to open our perception to a greater worldview. 

You are invited to contemplate the idea of the week in your personal prayer time and to seek out ways to apply it in your everyday life. As you intentionally develop these ways of responding to daily questions and challenges, you will discover avenues of understanding and expand your mastery of life.

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If you are participating through email, you are welcome to share your experiences by writing to: MetaMom@UnityCitrusHeights.org 

Week of… 

9/4 Both and… 
(From the teachings of Bashar the Sassani)
When confronted with an either/or, multiple choice or true/false question, consider that the best answer may be “both and….” Remembering that “both and…” is an option allows us to break out of the restrictions of conventional thought, reconcile seeming opposites, and make an opening for a higher way of understanding the illusion of duality. Read more

9/11 Maybe I don’t know… 
(From Paul Ferrini’s book “Enlightenment for Everyone) We are not usually aware of our blind spots, and infrequently take time to consider that we might be encountering one. Yet, leaving room for that possibility opens our understanding to new connections and creative solutions. Read more

9/18 There’s a different way of seeing this… 
(From “A Course in Miracles”) 
This week’s idea can be applied to events ranging from the mundane to the miraculous. Our first example concerns the kitchen wallpaper in my first house in Orlando. I was a new homemaker and excited about creating the place of my dreams—including a blue kitchen with floral accents. The problem was that the kitchen was papered in a chartreuse and white plaid pattern and the landlady was not open to my changing it. Read more

9/25 What if I did know? 
(From a counseling technique) 
Although this week’s idea may seem contrary to Metaphysical Moment #2 (Maybe I don’t know…), it is a time-honored counseling technique used to bypass restrictive patterns that block self-discovery. If you feel stumped when facing a tough question or situation, take time to ask yourself, “What if I did know?” You will be surprised at the wealth of information and strategies lying just below the surface of your conscious mind! Read more


Listen to Rev. Carla's talk from September 25, 
"Dancing Souls"

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