One of my fondest memories is of an Easter Sunday when I lived in Orlando. I began the day at a lakeside sunrise service led by a community Christian church. Later, I attended the Easter service at Unity and had lunch with some friends from the congregation. That evening I went to a Native American drum circle at a local metaphysical bookstore. 

Similarly, the Christmas holidays included honoring the return of the light on the winter solstice, and the Christmas Eve candle lighting service at Unity, followed by midnight mass at either a Catholic or Episcopal church to enjoy the pageantry. 

We live in a time that allows us great freedom of thought. Our rich multi-cultural American heritage, and easy access to global customs, enables us to explore diverse spiritual traditions, weaving them into an individualized practice of worship and celebration. 

This month at Unity Spiritual Community we will observe the season of Lent in true Unity fashion—we will commit to fasting from negative thinking and to feasting on joy. This journey through the weeks leading to Easter provides us with an opportunity to focus our intent, sharpen awareness of our thoughts and become masterful in the cocreation of our universe. 

It’s all God. God is greater than any doctrine we could develop. We have available more ways of celebrating Spirit than any time in history. We have a precious opportunity to extend our understanding, to rejoice in the Allness of it and to embrace the abundant expressions of the Divine on Earth! 

You are always welcome at USC. Bring your questions, bring your concerns, and most of all, bring your laughter! 

Love always, Rev. Carla