"The Eye of the Needle by Bashar" Sunday Service

Zoom meeting

The idea that the human race has entered a time of transformation is both ancient and contemporary. We’ve seen it in the metaphysical journey through the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation. We’ve heard it called ascension consciousness, the Age of Aquarius, the 4th dimension and the Kingdom of Heaven. Now, in the Time of Corona, it seems that we may finally be breaking through the veil of illusion and emerging into our spiritual destiny.

Please join us this Sunday as we explore some of the teachings of Bashar the Sassani, from his recent workshop called “The Eye of the Needle.” Bashar frames our current experiences in a manner that supports our spiritual evolution, provides explanations for why we are facing these challenges, and presents guidelines for our successful emergence into a new, light-filled, order of being. To receive a Zoom invitation please email info@unitycitrusheights.org, or watch live streamed on Facebook.