"Forgiveness: The Path to Overcoming" Sunday Service

Zoom meeting

In our talk last Sunday (June 28), we discussed the five things we are called to do during the Time of Corona—these are the steps to take to pass through the Eye of the Needle and emerge into a new, truer version of your authentic self. These five are:

1) Forgive everyone for everything 2) Forgive yourself for everything 3) Do not allow your past to define your present 4) Do not allow your present to define your future 5) Stay awake in the present to notice synchronicities and other signs of alternate realities.

This coming Sunday we are going to take a closer look at these steps, especially at the role that forgiveness plays in our spiritual transformation. There is no more powerful spiritual practice than forgiveness, it will set you free! Email info@unitycitrusheights.org for a Zoom invitation or view live streamed on Facebook. Rev. Carla Comiter with Heartdream, Guest Musicians.