"Giving Thanks" Sunday Service on Zoom

Zoom meeting

In preparation for Thanksgiving Day, this Sunday at USC we shall explore the power of gratitude, Thanksgiving traditions, and ways to enjoy a non-traditional holiday in the midst of a pandemic.

Even if we choose a quiet day at home, the wonders of technology enable us to share the Macy Thanksgiving Parade, the National Dog Show, and the customary football games with a friend or family. With a little planning, we can use our phones or computers to connect and watch the celebrations together. Add a snuggly blanket and some eggnog for the total experience.

We are living in exceptional times. Even if we need to temporarily refrain from our usual feasts and gatherings, we are benefitting from the new ways available to us to remain in contact and share one another’s company. These new ways will continue to bless us and expand our options even after we can return to our old, familiar customs.

So, put out a couple of decorations, buy some treats, and prepare to share this day of thanks with joyful minds and grateful hearts! Rev. Carla Comiter with Heartdream, guest musicians.

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