"Enter in Peace" Palm Sunday Service on Zoom

Zoom meeting

This Sunday is Palm Sunday—the day that Jesus entered Jerusalem on the colt of a donkey. He had prepared his disciples for what was to come, for he know that this journey would mark the end of his time with them in his Earthly form. The word “Jerusalem” is translated as “peace.” Jesus rode into this place of peace in full awareness of the events to come.

Thus began Holy Week, the most sacred week of the Christian year. The events of Holy Week contain much wisdom and Truth. On Friday, Jesus died and his body was placed in a tomb. Three days later, on Easter Sunday, he left the tomb in his resurrected body and continued to minister to his disciples until he fully ascended into the next dimension.

Holy Week represents a process, one that is repeated in cycles throughout our human existence. We die to our old definitions of ourselves and the world. We travel through a time of transition into the next stage of understanding and being. We arrive, reborn into a new expression of our eternal identity. Jesus demonstrated this process to us through his life, his death and his victory over the tomb.

We are exploring this holy process throughout the week to come. Our Palm Sunday lesson is “Enter in Peace.” On Good Friday, our monthly meditation focuses on “Metamorphosis.” And our talk on Easter Sunday is “Go Forth in Triumph.”

Please join us on Zoom as together we share the Easter experience. Rev. Carla Comiter with Lisa Lawson, Minister of Music and Guest Musician Nancy Finch.