"Living the Language of Abundance" Sunday Service

Zoom meeting

What would the world look like if you had everything you want? Could you relax? Would you be happy?

Because we are instilled with framework of error beliefs, through generations or held in mass consciousness, we usually have to do a little work to be aware of them.

Staying in these beliefs always makes us unhappy. Living in awareness lets me rest in the beauty of my soul, in the perfection of my presence here. All striving is passed away in a symbiotic dance of creation, of flow of energy.

This Sunday we explore the reverence of life expressed in the language of the Potawatomi nation, in the book Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer, and how changing the way we relate to our environment changes our lives.

Steve and Mirabai Bangs of Heartdream join us this week to inspire us with their music. Lisa Lawson, Minister of Music, speaker