Sunday Service: Heal Me at Depth

Zoom meeting

The Unity movement was founded upon the Truth of spiritual healing. Students of Unity still practice healing techniques including affirmations, prayer and meditation. At the heart of all dis-ease are erroneous beliefs, and we turn within to identify and release these.

One of the concepts associated with healing is the difference between being cured and being healed. A person can recover from the physical symptoms of an illness, but if the underlying cause—the thoughts and feelings—are not addressed, they may well manifest through other symptoms.

This Sunday at USC we will share the experience of a long-time Truth student and her healing from breast cancer. Many of the elements in her case history apply to all of us. And from her, we can see the blessings to be found in the most trying circumstances.

Please join us at 10 AM to learn of this uplifting example that ended in joy and rebirth. Rev. Carla Comiter with Lisa Lawson, Minister of Music