"Road to Unity" Sunday Service on Zoom

Zoom meeting

We’ve recently had a time of sharing and getting to know one another—a time of growing together in the warmth of community. In keeping with our Sunday “interviews” with guest speakers, board members and others, this Sunday Rev. Carla will share her path into Unity and into ministry.

As with us all, it became apparent that a divine plan unfolded that led Carla first to a Unity church, then to classes at Unity Village, and then to ordination. When we recognize the synchronicities and opportunities that present themselves, we must acknowledge that our life journeys are guided by Spirit, and that we never walk alone.

The Solar Calendar: Our Featurette this Sunday focuses on the balance and order found in our solar system. We review the wondrous architecture of Chartres Cathedral and Stonehenge that align perfectly with the equinoxes. We then share how these same principles create everyday magic in our own backyards. Rev. Carla shares recent photos that capture a beautiful moment between planet and sun.