"Willingness: Doorway to Faith" Sunday Service on Zoom

Zoom meeting

Rev. Catherine Klein, Guest Speaker Do you ever find yourself resisting something that would actually be good for you? And have you noticed that pressure from others only causes you to dig your heels in? Hear how Rev. Catherine discovered the gentle, yet miraculous power of willingness to dissolve pride, doubt, fear and stubbornness and allow a new kind of faith to blossom. When faith settles in the heart, gut and soul, prosperity flows unimpeded and joy becomes an everyday experience.

Since retiring from church ministry in September 2021, Catherine has focused on offering spiritual support to folks who are not inclined to join a religious community or who, belonging to such, feel they need more practical support. Through The Spiritual Learning Institute and her blog, Spiritual Food for Today, she makes use of her broad background by offering down-to-earth guidance for finding fulfillment in a world that feels upside down.

After her Unity ordination in 2000, Catherine served churches in Tulsa, OK, Greensboro, NC and Atlantic Beach, NC. As the senior minister, she was responsible for preaching, teaching, counseling and overall leadership. Throughout the years, she has found tremendous satisfaction in supporting the spiritual wellbeing and growth of her congregants while developing churches that are organizationally and financially sound.