"From Competition to Wholeness" Sunday Service at Sylvan Community Center

Sylvan Community Center, 7521 Community Drive, Citrus Heights

Unity’s Second principle says that we are all divine, each an important expression of Christ consciousness. But in the world, we have been taught that in order to be worthy we have to be better than someone else. What if we lived another way, allowing for each person's highest expression? This Sunday, we'll talk about our competitive thoughts: how to embrace the positive parts of competition while supporting each other's highest good, so that we each have our own beautiful expression in this giant tapestry of life. In this way we enter the new age, our Kingdom of Heaven. In our Sunday Featurette Divine Order, we'll look at the ways order manifests as a feature of growth and change. Lisa Lawson, LUT, Speaker, with Melissa Olsen, Guest musician. This is an in-person service. All services can also be viewed on Zoom and on Facebook live.