A Summer of Stars

Alright, so we survived Y2K with nary a glitch. Then we sailed through 2012 without disappearing into the ethers. We’re still here. What’s next? What next big change are we facing and how shall we prepare? 
I’m convinced that we live in the twilight of old 3D consciousness and that we chose to be here now in order to witness the dawn of the next great era in our awakening and ascension. Though Y2K and 2012 may have seemed to be non-events, resulting changes in race mind may still be surfacing. Sometimes our transformation seems to ratchet slowly forward, one cog at a time. During other periods, we experience dramatic change-- the likes of which prophets have foretold. 
Prophecy is a tricky matter. Since we have been introduced to quantum physics and the theory of probable realities, we understand that accurately predicting any one linear unfolding of time into a specified future is unlikely. Yet there are trends and energetic momenta that can provide greater degrees of certainty. 
That being said, the fall of 2016 is being predicted as a time when everything changes. In addition to some global political and economic changes, the biggest consideration is that irrefutable proof of life on other planets will be announced. This does not necessarily mean contact with beings from other worlds or dimensions, although it will open the door (and hopefully open more minds) to future interactions. 
At Unity in Citrus Heights, we are celebrating a Summer of Stars—consisting of several after-service gatherings that focus on various aspects of entering the Galactic Age. We begin this Sunday by listening to a workshop on Sacred Circuitry presented by Bashar the Sassani. Handouts for meditating at home will be provided. On Sunday, June 12, we will have a roundtable discussion about the impact that disclosure of life on other worlds might have on us personally and collectively. We will also have the opportunity to share the results of our Sacred Circuitry meditations. 
On July 3, we will have an informal discussion with Mirabai Bangs (of Heartdream) about her experience with orbs and UFOs. Mirabai will share photos that she has taken during her personal encounters. 
The time is now. The place is here. And we are the ones who have chosen to be courageous and to come forward with our questions, our concerns and our experiences. 
You are welcome to join in the surprises and the fun!

Much love and many blessings, 
Rev. Carla