Christmas Blessings

Dear Ones, 

Hush! Can you hear it? Be still. Can you feel it? The sweet anticipation of this Christmas is upon us. The leaves are falling, the rains have begun and nights are long and cozy. 

We are making preparations for our holiday services at USC. We will have opportunities for community, prayer, celebration and feasting. As we remember the old stories, the journey to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus, I encourage you to set aside time to connect with the birth of the Christ within. 

For Jesus was born so that we could become aware of our innate divinity. He taught that “the Father and I are one” so that we would realize our oneness with the Creator—and with each other. As we learn to use our Christ nature as the touchstone of our lives, we release fear and choose love. 

With the winter solstice approaching, we once again have the opportunity for release and renewal. In the still of the winter, we observe the coming of the Christ. Our New Year rituals allow us to shed doubt and negativity, and to reveal new aspects of our divine selves. 

As we enter 2016, we have the opportunity also to rebirth our church community. We join in visioning the bright future that God already has planned for our Family of Love. 

When I count my Christmas blessings, I realize that serving as Minister of Unity Spiritual Community is the greatest gift of all. We are celebrating my tenth anniversary after the Candle Lighting Service this Sunday. Please come. I hear there will be cake!! 

With much love and Christmas hugs, 

Rev. Carla