Round--Like a Hamster on a Wheel

When the endless turning of your mind starts to drive you to distraction, try this. Remember that the churning and spinning of the same ole’ problem is caused by the rational mind’s attempt to solve that which can be solved only in Divine Mind. Our culture has recognized the rational mind as the most important, or even as the only, mind. Yet, about 90% of our consciousness abides at deeper levels, much like 90% of an iceberg remains submerged. 

As humankind explored the realm of the separated self, the role of the rational mind became exaggerated. We closed ourselves off from our inner divinity, and began looking only to the physical world as the source of our good. In this present time of awakening, we remember that the source of all good and the answer to every question is the Christ within. 

When you find yourself mulling over life dilemmas, stop. Breathe. And turn it over. You might use a simple phrase like, “This cannot be solved by rational mind, so I am surrendering it to Divine Mind.” Then remain open to the solutions that appear—they may arrive in unexpected forms. You will experience more synchronicities, deeper friendships, unexpected boons, a brighter worldview and a closer walk with God. 

Let the hamster off the wheel—it takes you nowhere. Allow yourself to fall into grace, sink into ease and be buoyed by the awareness of God’s goodness sustaining you all the days of your life. 

Richest blessings, Rev. Carla