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Unity provides an opportunity for spiritual seekers to learn about life, reality and themselves. They can discover a place that welcomes them, that teaches principles that make sense to them, and that provides a connection between traditional beliefs and many other paths to enlightenment.

We are a forward-thinking organization, in tune with the discoveries of today’s world. We are committed to preparing our population for the fast-breaking revelations that change everything we thought to be true.

UNITY: Where all people are welcome and differences are celebrated as the splendor of God's creative expression!

Join us for 11 AM Sunday Services now in person at the Sylvan Community Center and on Zoom! Check the schedule for this week's location.



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We encourage you to join us in person at Sylvan Community Center or live on Zoom so that we may interact with you! Check the calendar for this week's schedule and location.



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”I give thanks for my new vision of God as my infinite, constant, abundant source."



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