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Be the Change 

In 1998, Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Ghandi, introduced the Season for Nonviolence. These 64 days, observed each year, begin on January 30 and end on April 7—commemorating the assassinations of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. In California especially, the life work of Cesar Chavez is also honored. The Association for Global New Thought, and many New Thought churches, dedicate this season to promoting peace. 

You may have seen the quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Though it is…

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Self-Care in Times Like These 

It’s been nearly a year since the pandemic started necessitating changes in our everyday lives. Even if we think we’ve grown used to the restrictions and isolation, we need to be aware that we’ve lived under an ongoing shadow of fear. Add to this the increasing civil unrest and violence, and you have a population that is struggling with great stress on a daily basis. 

This stress shows up in our lives in many ways. We may have troubling dreams that interrupt our restful sleep. We may have short tempers. We…

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The Storm Before the Calm 

We are living in remarkable times--times in which humanity is discovering the Truth about itself, and about the world. Times that are occurring because millennia of historic events have set the stage for our awakening. The biggest mistake we can make is to be too shortsighted in our attempt to interpret current situations. 

It’s easy to give in to our emotional response to the threat of violence when crowds stormed the Capitol on January 6. Yet, our feelings of fear, shock and anger do not lead us into the…

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Lessons from the Rose Garden 

For a few years now our rose garden bed has been ravaged by a deer in the summertime. No matter how much we talked to it, that it could eat anything except the roses or the succulents on the patio, the deer kept coming back. The plants had ravishing blooms in the springtime, but soon became stubs with no flowers and few leaves. 

This spring, as a gift to me, my husband Michael cleaned up the rose bed, weeded it, added soil and mulch, and put up post with two wires for an electric fence. This was especially…

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How to Respond? 

With all of the tumultuous events we are exposed to in our daily media, do you find it difficult to refrain from reacting to each seeming threat or injustice? When we remember that what we focus on grows, we learn to choose our responses, breathing through any initial feelings of shock or dismay, and allowing our higher understanding to guide us. 

Choosing to focus on peace is an intentional response to current events. We remember that what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a…

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Surprised by Transformation 

Two caterpillars stood on a twig, happily munching away at a leaf. Gazing at the sky, they noticed a butterfly flutter by. One of them, momentarily distracted from his repast, commented, “You’ll never get me up in one of those things!” 

This popular joke is endearing because it illustrates our hesitancy to accept change, our unknowingness about the nature of life and our innocence when confronted with the signs and symbols of impending transformation. 

We, the citizens of Earth, are currently being…

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Life Abounding! 

It’s May! It’s here! That joyous time of year! The Earth itself resonates with rebirth and renewal. The cycles of nature are God speaking to us, teaching us about ourselves. The leaves drop in the fall and return in the spring. We live, and die, and live again. Each part of life comes and goes in perfect rhythm and divine harmony. 

Nature has been very active during our recent time of confinement – a word that has traditionally been applied to the period that precedes giving birth. 

And new birth has been…

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Miracle Whip 

As we all adjust to this Time of Corona, little comforts mean a lot. Including music, soft blankets, dog hugs and favorite meals enables us to maintain a positive and healing atmosphere in our homebound condition. 

I have found comfort in returning to some of the food of my childhood—big meals with roast, potatoes, carrots and green beans fill me and fulfill me as never before. I’ve begun making tuna salad sandwiches for many lunchtimes—complete with potato chips, and yes, Miracle Whip. 

Most of us are…

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Bondage or Liberty, Which? 

How can we tell that we are not free? The first step is the realization that we are not free. In what ways have we accepted the captivity of our belief systems, without the awareness that we have a choice? This coming Sunday, we begin a set of talks based on the Unity classic book Lessons in Truth by H. Emilie Cady. In it, Cady outlines basic Unity metaphysical principles, that when embraced, radically change our definitions and perception of the world in which we live. We learn that we are truly the…

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Leave Space for God 

Dear Ones, 

As we move through the days and weeks ahead, let us ask for greater understanding of the outpicturing of God’s divine principles in our lives and in our world. Part of this understanding is recognizing the presence of fear and grief, and providing the reassurance and comfort needed for our hearts to heal. 

Be assured, that regardless of the scary statistics and newscasts, we are never outside of God’s love. The human race, and the entire earthly realm, are making a transition into the next…

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