Lessons from the Rose Garden

For a few years now our rose garden bed has been ravaged by a deer in the summertime. No matter how much we talked to it, that it could eat anything except the roses or the succulents on the patio, the deer kept coming back. The plants had ravishing blooms in the springtime, but soon became stubs with no flowers and few leaves. 

This spring, as a gift to me, my husband Michael cleaned up the rose bed, weeded it, added soil and mulch, and put up post with two wires for an electric fence. This was especially nice because you can't see the wire, and it doesn't hurt the deer, just gives them a quick warning. 

The roses bloomed beautifully. As happens, life got busy, though, and I failed to prune them after the bloom. Watering was infrequent and the bushes became scraggly. We unplugged the electric fence to use the cord for some other purpose. 

What do you know? In the height of the summer that deer came back and ate most of the leaves that remained. 

Today I needed some spiritual nourishment and spent a few hours outside in the breeze of the morning with my chocolate lab, Zeus. I pruned the rose bushes, gave them a deep watering and some fertilizer. And I plugged in the electric fence. I know that in a month or so, I'll again have beautiful blooms. 

In doing this, I had a sudden realization that this was a lesson in tithing. You see, the rose garden gives me great spiritual nourishment. I breathe in pleasure when I see it, and I stop to smell the roses in gratitude. But for it to flourish, I have to give back. For the garden to continue to feed me spiritually, I have to give it attention, love, and support. And by doing this I am actually supporting myself. 

What is it that feeds you spiritually? Are you practicing good self care by giving it the attention and support that it requires to thrive? Do this first and your blessings and support will be magnified. 

Many Blessings, 
Lisa Lawson