About Unity Spiritual Community

Somewhere, deep inside, haven’t you always known that you are good, powerful, wise and loving? That you were born to be free? To be happy? To be successful?

You are as God created you.

Come to USC where all people are welcome and differences are celebrated as the splendor of God’s creative expression! Experience the power of knowing the Truth of what you are. Rest in the support of a loving fellowship.

Unity's Five Basic Principles:

There is only Spirit

We are all created from Spirit

Our experience mirrors our thoughts and beliefs

We feel our connection with Spirit through prayer and meditation

Practicing these principles leads to a more joyous and fulfilling life

Unity Spiritual Community is part of the New Thought movement---a way of life that honors all people's worth and right to follow the path of their hearts. We study both traditional and non-traditional spiritual texts, emphasizing the similarities in their teachings.

Unity Spiritual Community is dedicated to being a center where all people are welcome and where differences are celebrated as the splendor of God’s creative expression. We offer a guilt-free spiritual community celebrating our human experience. Our perspective is that each of us co-creates our own experiences by our thoughts and words in response to our feelings. Providing a community of others willing to share and work with these life-altering concepts makes our awakening process flow more smoothly.  

As part of the inner-personal growth that naturally flows from these realizations we are committed to creating a place in consciousness, as well as in our world, that is free of prejudice, discrimination and inequality of any kind.

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Our Mission: 
We are a visionary community offering sanctuary, celebration, enlightenment, and inclusivity for all who seek spiritual awareness.
Our Vision: 
Light-filled, heart-centered, spirit-led, Unity Spiritual Community 
prepares the way for the awakened human.