Full Moon Gathering
Saturday, February 24, 6:30 pm
at the home of Jim Foley


The February full moon is often called the Quickening Moon. It occurs near the pagan holiday of Imbolc, also known as the Feast of St. Bridgit. Imbolc is halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, and is sometimes considered the end of winter. It is a time of planting the inner seeds of our dreams and tenderly caring for them while they quicken into fruition. 

During our February Full Moon Gathering, we will explore the many ways that quickening appears in our lives. We will have an opportunity to realize the strength and truth of our desires, and to support one another as we joyfully move forward to create the life of our dreams.

We will share a time of refreshments, so please bring snacks. 

Register below and we will send you the address. Everyone is welcome, there is a suggested $15 donation.