Lisa Marie Lawson, Minister of Music

Lisa Lawson's music uplifts our community with her singing, keyboards, harp, and violin. Since finding Unity Spiritual Community in 2011, Lisa has found joy and inspiration in serving the community, first as a board member, as a Prayer Chaplain, and as a professional musician. After many years performing as a professional violinist and violist, Lisa began writing and performing spirit-centered music and music ministry. She has been our Music Minister since 2015. Lisa also shares with our community through sound healing meditations with the gong, singing bowls, and harp.

Lisa finished her Licensed Unity Teacher training and licensing in 2022. She is also a dynamic speaker and warm-hearted teacher.

Lisa is joined by guest musicians who provide Unity inspiration every Sunday!

Lisa is well known in the Sacramento area for her work leading  Sacramento Baroque Soloists, performing in the Celtic band Lady of the Lake, and in her private teaching studio in downtown Sacramento and at her home near Ione.

Lisa Lawson, Minister of Music

Lisa and Laurie Story