Licenced Unity Teacher:
Barbara Yackel

Minister of Music:
Lisa Marie Lawson

Unity Spiritual Community has an active working board and volunteer teams who together promote the community's spiritual mission.  These include the board of directors and teams including Prayer Chaplains, Ushers, Platform Assistants, Platform Decor, Hospitality, Facilities, Spiritual Social Action, Marketing, and Music. 

Board of Directors:
Lisa Lawson, President and Treasurer
Bryan Stoltz, Vice-President and Secretary
Rev. Carla Comiter, Senior Minister
Team Leaders:
Lisa Lawson - Volunteer Coordinator & Prayer Chaplain Trainer
Mariana Stephens and Bill Graff - Lead Ushers
Sofia Katherine - Hospitality
Ken Sakamoto - Facilities
Donna Auwaerter - Spiritual Social Action


Lisa Lawson,
Volunteer Coordinator

Lisa Lawson, Volunteer Coordinator

Ken Sakamoto,

Ken Sakamoto, Facilities