The Great Awakening

An enduring myth teaches that we should not awaken a sleepwalker. It was thought that the shock of a sudden awakening might cause a heart attack, or that the disoriented sleeper might strike out and cause injury. When we consider that the sleepwalker is dreaming, is experiencing an artificial environment and events, we can understand that it would be startling to be thrust into waking life. Rather, we should gently guide the sleepwalker back to bed, allowing for a gradual, more natural awakening.

There is a parallel between waking the sleepwalker and preparing ourselves and our world for contact with the extraterrestrials. Due to our societal and spiritual teachings, many of us hold a worldview that does not include a peaceful evolution into a galactic civilization. We share an interpretation of history and religion that has led to a culture based on fear and violence, and we extend this to our idea of contact with other-worldly beings.

If we were to be exposed prematurely to open contact, if we were to suddenly recognize a different reality, our systems might crumble from the shock. It is for the good of the whole that we are gently guided into this new awareness.

The truth is that we have never been alone. Our scriptures and our archeology are replete with tales and symbols of beings from other worlds and other dimensions. We belong to a vast galactic family. Instead of our viewing contact as being invaded by aliens, we could embrace it as a family reunion, we could release fear and cultivate peaceful anticipation.

There are a multitude of beings—human and non-nonhuman, on this planet and beyond this planet, in this dimension and from other dimensions—who are preparing us for contact. They are gently, joyfully awakening us from our dream of separation and inviting us to a homecoming celebration.

Unity’s teachings provide a solid foundation for this time of galactic change. Our basic principles have always stated that God is everywhere present, that God’s offspring are divine, and that we are the cocreators of our reality. The Christian framework provided by Unity extends over billions of years and includes other universes as Charles Fillmore, Unity’s cofounder, explained in Keep a True Lent (Chap. 17):

“The fact is that the relationship which Jesus bears to the human family is quite beyond our present intellectual comprehension. In order to understand the status of Jesus we have to visualize a universe like that in which we live as having existed during billions of years in the past, as having fulfilled its mission in the evolution of a superrace of men, and as then passing away leaving as its fruit God-men with creative power. Jesus was one of the God-men of that ancient creation, and it was His destiny to bring forth from the depths of Being a race of potential gods, place them in an environment where they could grow as He grew and become, like Him, a Son of God.”

We each chose to be born into this Time of Great Awakening. We are the midwives of the New Earth. Our mission is simple: to keep the High Watch. We wait, peacefully and joyously, as the new day dawns. We approach those still sleeping with patience--comforting and reassuring them. We allow ourselves to expand into a new way of understanding.

And in our hearts, we provide a Safe Haven for the other-worldly beings seeking reunion with their Earthly family.

Namaste, Rev. Carla