The Battle Over Abortion Part 2: The Crack in the Cosmic Egg

Part 2 of our article on The Battle Over Abortion, The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, explores the metaphysical causes underlying the turmoil in our world today. 

Joseph Chilton Pearce wrote The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, first published in 1971 with a new version released in 2002. 

The basic idea of the book is: “The sum total of our notions of what the world is—and what we perceive its full potential to be—form a shell of rational thought in which we reside. This logical universe creates a vicious circle of reasoning that robs our minds of power and prevents us from reaching our true potential. To step beyond that circle requires a centering and focus that today’s society assaults on every level.” 

Taking that idea and blending it with the metaphysical teachings of the creative power of mind, we next look at the series of books that Carlos Castaneda wrote about the Yaqui shaman Don Juan. Don Juan often described seeing humans as luminous eggs. 

He said that our consciousness exists within an energetic belief structure, with our experiences being the projection of these beliefs reflected back to us on the inside of the eggshell. 

We create our world, our life experiences, and the reactions we have to them, with the power of our minds. We have forgotten that we do this. The collective beliefs that we have formed and acquired throughout the millennia of earthly existence comprise our race consciousness. 

But they are not all true. They are part of our consciousness because we have been taught them, we have believed them, and we have experienced their reflection as we project them into the world--this world that we have created, this world that reflects so much violence and injustice back to us. 

There comes a time in the evolution of a species when that species is preparing to make a cosmic jump into a higher dimension. We are breaching the threshold of such a time. 

This jump requires that we become aware: 

  • Aware of the mechanics of reality creation. 
  • Aware of the cause of our global suffering. 
  • Aware that we are victims only of our erroneous beliefs. 
  • Aware that this is the Truth that will set us free. 

When the suffering that results from our erroneous beliefs reaches the breaking point, we may finally be willing to awaken to a different way of seeing. 

There is a phenomenon that happens with chicks when they are ready to hatch: they grow a tooth on the top of their beaks. They use it first to puncture the membrane that has enclosed them during their development. This allows them to access a little pocket of air at the end of the egg and begin breathing. 

They then use this tooth to peck through the shell, cracking it open so that they can hatch into the next level of their existence. The tooth, when no longer needed, falls off 

The idea that nature provides a tooth when needed for this purpose is amazing. The idea that the chick uses brute force to puncture his egg sac, the sac that has supported his existence, might seem terrifying. 

That the chick goes on to destroy his shell, the shell which has housed and fed and protected him--that he is driven to hammer at it, breaking it open so that he can forever leave it is equally terrifying. 

And that the chick does all of this in order to become part of a brand-new world, to burst into the sunlight of a different time and space, is astonishing. 

We are humans struggling to be hatched. 

We have outgrown our old shells and are ready to burst forth into a new way of being. This transformation may seem violent. We may need to destroy the old structures to allow in the light of a new understanding. 

After years of reporting the evening news, Dan Rather observed: “Sometimes major setbacks precede and even spur, transformational victories.” 

So much of what is happening in our world can be compared to the egg tooth. We are creating social mechanisms that force us to reconsider our old assumptions. And the process of breaking out of our restrictive definitions can be scary. 

There is so much more at stake than the rights for which we fight. It goes much deeper than racial equality, gender rights or women’s rights. We are awakening to what it means to be divine humans. We are in a period of transformation that will lead us into a new age, an age in which we fulfill our destiny! 

So, what is your role during this time of transition? 

Your role is to recognize, and follow your calling. Some folks are called to engage in protests or other forms of social activism. Many folks, especially those attracted to Unity’s teachings of prayer and meditation, find themselves filling the role of Faithkeeper. 

The Faithkeeper is a Native American tradition 

The role of the Faithkeeper is to remain peaceful and calm, while maintaining spiritual enlightenment and understanding, no matter what the tribe may endure. 

Under extreme conditions, if every single tribe member stumbles into fear, doubt, anxiety, worry and pain, the Faithkeeper maintains peace, spirituality and understanding. Therefore, the Faithkeeper is looked upon as the reminder of the "I AM" presence of God, the Great Spirit or Creator. 

As you encounter the signs of strife and discord in our world, know that you can fill one of the most important roles of all. You can resist the fear and anger being expressed by so many. You can be a stand for peace, faith, love and harmony. 

You can behold the new world in your heart, and hold that vision steady, like a lighthouse, to guide all of the tribe through the seeming darkness to the safety of the new shore. 

You can hold fast to the Truth that God is in the midst of every situation, providing an underlying divine order, guiding us, and loving us--loving all of us, all the time. 

You can be a stand for the Truth that sets us free.