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Meeting at the Sylvan Community Center in Citrus Heights
Sunday Service 10 AM

Your Inner Stepmother

In June and July, we share a summer series based on the enduring tales that are woven into our cultural worldview. We begin by revisiting Snow White, and on future Sundays explore strange and wonderful places and beings like Oz, Neverland, Hook and the Baba Yaga.

The best interpretation of these tales is when we realize that each character in them is part of our own psychology. In each human psyche there are both feminine and masculine energy. In the absence of a positive model for feminine energy, the psyche can create false models, seemingly powerful or desirable, but actually destructive.

Has there ever been a time in your life when your appearance was more important than what was on the inside? When you looked to another person, a job, a house, a wardrobe, to prove your worth?

These are traits of our Inner Stepmother--symbolized in the tale of Snow White by the wicked Queen. She seeks her validation from the outer world—asking the mirror who is the fairest, not knowing that the world faithfully mirrors back our self-concept. She also seeks validation from things that are superficially feminine, primarily her appearance.

In these, and other ways, we each see ourselves in these characters, masculine and feminine engaged in a dance toward wholeness.

Join us at USC as we reveal, and heal, the legends of our lives! 


Rev. Carla 

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