Tips for Maintaining Your Peace of Mind

The fear that accompanies a health crisis such as the coronavirus can be quite destructive. It diminishes our joy and standard of living—and has a negative impact on our immune systems. 

Following are some suggestions for improving your peace of mind during the upcoming weeks: 

Most importantly, put God first. Go to God in times of prayer and meditation and be open to the comfort and guidance that are always present. 

You may call Silent Unity’s 24/7 prayer line at (800) 669-7729 (now pray), or email a prayer request at 

Limit your daily intake of media news. Remember the sensational culture of news broadcasts and use your inner guidance to discern what information is helpful. 

Avoid overreacting to suggested restrictions. The concerns about large gatherings applies to groups of 250 or more. The majority of our activities are attended by far fewer folks. 

Weigh the effects on your psychological and spiritual well being of excluding smaller groups such as churches, support groups and activities that ease social isolation. 

Plan activities that feed your spirit: Spend time outside in nature, hug your dog, visit with friends. 

If you are confined to your home, use this time for R & R: plan times for spiritual renewal, work on your hobbies, read and nap. View this time as a bonus at-home vacation. 

Keep in touch with your loved ones. Reach out to those who maybe isolated. Phone, email or send a card. 

Include humor in your daily routine. Be selective in your TV viewing—choose comedies. Allow yourself to laugh at human foibles—yours and others. Read funny books. 

Maintain a mental distance from current events. Allow yourself to be an observer, noticing how interesting it is to be alive during this time on Earth. 

Enlarge your mental focus beyond the present. Picture conversations in the future taking place something like this: “Remember that coronavirus we were all so concerned about back in 2020? Wasn’t that something? Now it seems like just a distant memory.” 

Remember that it is All God. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. Yes, this virus will change us—personally and globally. Such is life. Such is change. Such is God. We are eternally safe in the everlasting arms. 

Holding you all in prayer as together we find our way through these tumultuous times. 

Rev. Carla