When President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, schools and businesses were closed for several days. We had only 3 TV stations and they broadcast details of the shooting, and the funeral, nonstop. 

All six of us were at home and very restless. One afternoon,my father walked into the living room and pointed his finger at my brother Rick and myself (we were the two oldest, ages 11 and 13). “You two, please join your mother and me in the kitchen. You are going to learn how to play pinochle.” Thus began a family tradition of playing pinochle. 

My mother and my father were both very good at the game, though they had different styles. My younger brother Rick quickly became a worthy opponent. I was included primarily because they needed four players. My mind wandered and I wasn’t good at counting trumps or aces. They wrote me a list of cards that could be melded for points, and I carried that scrap of paper around with me since I could not remember them from game to game. 

But, I had (and still have) a secret weapon: good luck. Even if I couldn’t figure out how to bid a particular hand, I usually had enough cards to meld so that I made the points I needed. Rick and Dad were fierce players. Dad would announce at the beginning of the game “Friendship ceases—play to win!” He and Rick devised their own bidding signals when they were partners. Yet, I won as often as not—to the surprise of those who were putting so much effort into the game. 

I still enjoy playing cards. I still, in my loopy way, play to win. I still need someone to write a list of meld for me. 

Is there a moral to this tale? Does it apply to today’s situation? Let’s consider this: In life, even when we think we know the rules, even when we are trying to hack the game with new systems, there is a mysterious factor X that affects the outcome. This X factor, call it luck, call it fate, or call it divine order, stacks the deck and provides surprise winners. 

As we experience the changes in our lifestyles due to the spread of this virus, remember factor X. No matter how much our scientists and politicians figure out the rules and devise new systems, there is still a mysterious divine force at play. And because this force is active in our lives we can expect to win. 

Lift your minds and hearts to the energy of God’s good order, and allow these circumstances to bless you in surprising ways! 

Much love always, 

Rev. Carla 


Meditation in Times of Change 

We allow ourselves to release disturbing thoughts and to rest in a time of quiet surrender. Embracing the Truth that God is present in each moment and every person, we experience the peace that passes all understanding. Even when we cannot discern the reasons for the events in our lives, we rest in God’s love. 

Everything in the Earth begins in the spiritual realm. We are co-creators with God, and the works of our minds will ultimately bless humankind. We allow ourselves to be comforted in times of loss, and we send love to those who grieve. We remember that we are sharing an eternal journey—life is transient, loss is temporary, love is forever.  

In this moment, we let go of our earthly goals and allow divine grace to enfold us. A new understanding is being birthed upon our planet and we are the midwives of change. For the honor of serving all humankind by our willingness to be here now, we are blessed and we are grateful. 

Fear not, all is well. You are in the right place at the right time, and you are already safe in the Heart of God.