Things have changed since 2012. There seems to be more light in the world. It’s like we were waiting to exhale until we successfully passed that landmark year and could believe that we were going to be successful in realizing the new heaven and the new earth.

There may also seem to be more darkness in the world—both natural and human-made disasters. But know this: we are experiencing the storm before the calm. The human race has reached the tipping point, and we are approaching our destiny in fulfilling the evolutionary leap into being new humans.

In order to clear any negativity that remains in race mind, we are manifesting it, recognizing it and healing it. As we struggle with the crises in our financial and healthcare systems, as we continue to sink billions of dollars into war, and as we see our prisons overflowing, attention must finally be drawn to the underlying cause—our definition of life itself. These social challenges faithfully mirror the way we see ourselves, others, and God.

In his book, The Storm Before the Calm, Neale Donald Walsch proposes that we begin a conversation based on several questions including:

How is it possible that 6.9 billion people can all claim to want the same thing (peace, security, opportunity, prosperity, happiness, and love) and be singularly unable to get it?

Is it possible that there is something we do not fully understand about life, the understanding of which would change everything?

Is it possible that there is something we do not fully understand about ourselves, about our own life and its purpose, the understanding of which would shift our reality and alter our experience for the better, forever?

These questions will lead us into a deeper understanding of our definition of life, self, others and God.

I am convinced that this is the most exciting time in human history. As we awaken to the Truth of being, we will shed the negativity of the past and allow our light to shine—unfettered by old beliefs.

Join us this Sunday morning as we begin our exploration of Walsch’s book, and for a deeper experience, come to our Thursday evening book group and share in the discussions there.

This is the place. Now is the time. And we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With peace and love,

Rev. Carla