Infinite Expressions of the One God

In the beginning there was the One God. In a great bursting forth of creativity and love, the One God gave expression to myriad aspects of itself, each containing the original spark of that Oneness, each mirroring to the others a unique manifestation of that same Oneness.

In this manner, the One God grew in self-awareness and gave freedom to the infinite forms of created life. As we move through our years on earth, we each reflect to all others an authentic version of the One God. Our holy mission is to use our free will to remember what we are, and to treat ourselves and all others accordingly.

Sound like a daunting task? Yes, indeed, it can seem daunting. But only when we forget that we are each intentional creations of the One God, come together to grow in self-awareness, creativity and love.

The purpose of our spiritual communities is to aid and support this growth by offering:

Spiritual values for our children 
Like-minded people 
Intellectual stimulation 
Participation in and connection with a spiritual tradition 
Self-discovery and understanding 
An oasis of peace in a seemingly insane world 
Time-out from daily life and demands 
Recharge spiritual batteries

The over-arching purpose of a spiritual community is personal transformation. We are here to provide the venue for individuals to heal their lives, learn the truth of who they are and proceed on the path of enlightenment.

This month we will have three Sunday lessons designed to help us understand our purpose as multiple expressions of One God. On September 14, we will discuss Love in Action as we celebrate our many volunteers. On September 21, we will take a look at Divine Friction and increase our understanding of relationships that do not flow easily. And on September 28, our lesson: Where Two or More Are Gathered, is about the power of praying together.

You are always welcome at Unity Spiritual Community, where we come together to love and support one another in our holy mission.

Rev. Carla