Tomorrow's Church

(based on the Minister’s Message at USC’s annual Membership Meeting)

The last two weeks we’ve discussed Tomorrow’s God during our Sunday lessons. The corollary to Tomorrow’s God is Tomorrow’s Church. There are numerous books, and seemingly endless theories, about the future of religion, and about how churches must be willing to adopt a new paradigm in order to meet the needs of Today’s People.

I think that one of the downfalls of organized religion is depending on voices of the past for guidance, and for our definitions of reality. Truth is a living idea. It is the presentation of Truth principles that changes as human understanding matures. This is why Jesus spoke in parables from which, 2000 years later, we can glean nuggets of spiritual laws. This is why Charles Fillmore embraced advances in technology, utilizing radio and publishing to spread Unity’s message.

We are living at the speed of light. Our world changes momently. We at Unity Spiritual Community strive to keep abreast of the latest means of communicating our message. We offer recordings of our Sunday services on our website, we have an electronic newsletter, we are on Facebook, we have used Twitter and promoted our classes on Perhaps even more important than being current with modern technology is keeping up with modern thought, meeting the needs of Today’s People and preparing for Tomorrow’s World.

Our spiritual ancestors did not shy away from controversial teachings. Rather, they revealed new applications of enduring doctrines. In order to remain on the leading edge of practical spirituality, we must continue in their footsteps. We teach that Big T Truth is changeless and eternal. In order to support that concept in Today’s World we must explore how Truth is substantiated in a quantum reality. We must free ourselves from outdated definitions of a world confined by time and space. We must realize that the veil of belief that has separated us from the rest of creation is now being lifted.

Tomorrow’s Church embraces ideas that are both revolutionary and evolutionary. We embody the latest in physics and metaphysics. We offer a sure rudder to people who are navigating the sea of the future. We are expanding the map of the world, fearlessly demonstrating that there are no dragons awaiting us as we approach the edge of unexplored spiritual territory.

Here at Unity Spiritual Community we are creating Tomorrow’s Church. You and I are offering a way to meet today’s discoveries with the assurance of eternal Truths. We are creating a safe haven where Today’s People can prepare for Tomorrow’s World. Together, we are bravely going where no church has gone before!

This is the most exciting age in the history of the world.

          Now is the time.
          This is the place.
          And we are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

God bless you all, let’s have a spectacular year!
With much love,
Rev. Carla