Double Vision

We are sharing an amazing time in history—a time saturated with unforeseen benefits and unexpected blessings. Many of us are grateful for a “time out” from our otherwise overbusy schedules. On a global level, this time serves as a “reboot.” We shall return to our lives refreshed and inspired, having learned how to take care of ourselves and others. 

There is no place where God is not. There is no time outside of the divine. Our true challenge as we move through the days and nights ahead is to remain centered and remembering that even if we don’t know the spiritual reason behind today’s events, we do know there is a reason. All is God and God is good all the time. 

One of the useful techniques for understanding outer events is called Double Vision. We remember that we are in the world, but not of the world, and maintain our gaze on the eternal Truth as well as mundane appearances: 

  • With our human perception we see a frightening disease. With our divine vision we behold an opportunity for the human race, and the Earth itself, to be remodeled into a cooperative whole. 
  • We see people responding from fear, we behold a global community choosing to reach out to one another. 
  • We see families forced to stay at home, we behold this time of closeness and sharing. 
  • We see the fear of victimhood on many levels, we behold God’s Order underpinning each aspect of this situation. 

We at Unity Spiritual Community are whole-heartedly committed to remaining grounded in New Thought Principles. When circumstances are frightening to our human perception, we will remind you of the greater reality in every event. 

Peace and comfort to you and yours, always. 

Rev. Carla