Leave Space for God

Dear Ones, 

As we move through the days and weeks ahead, let us ask for greater understanding of the outpicturing of God’s divine principles in our lives and in our world. Part of this understanding is recognizing the presence of fear and grief, and providing the reassurance and comfort needed for our hearts to heal. 

Be assured, that regardless of the scary statistics and newscasts, we are never outside of God’s love. The human race, and the entire earthly realm, are making a transition into the next level of spiritual and physical evolution. The means by which this is being accomplished may confound our human understanding, but the gifts we are receiving during this process will greatly outweigh the fear. 

On a personal level, take measures to provide care and comfort for yourself and for those around you. Set up your home with soft pillows and snuggly throws. Watch old movies and comedies on TV. Play the board and card games of your childhood. Get extra rest. Eat comfort food. Hug your dog. Your human self will thank you. 

On the spiritual level, take quiet time for prayer and meditation. Read the Daily Word. Use the links provided below to send prayer requests to Silent Unity. 

When the world does not make sense, remember that even when we don’t understand the reason for things, we do know there is a reason. And that reason is always, always, in keeping with the eternal laws of the all-loving God. It is for our human side to expand our understanding and to allow new ways of perception to unfold within us. 

The Sunday message that will be online March 29 provides several methods for seeing things differently, and for recognizing God in every situation. 

As we make space for God to work in our hearts and in our lives, we see more clearly and understand more fully our power and our purpose, we begin to part the veil of mystery that hides the spiritual realm from our every day human understanding. And as we part the veil, God in all its awe and majesty is revealed and reflected back to us. 

Though we may not be meeting in person at USC, and though we are still in the process of setting up live streaming of our Sunday services, please know that you are each in our thoughts and prayers as together we find the grace to see us through these changes. 

Love always, 

Rev. Carla