Surprised by Transformation

Two caterpillars stood on a twig, happily munching away at a leaf. Gazing at the sky, they noticed a butterfly flutter by. One of them, momentarily distracted from his repast, commented, “You’ll never get me up in one of those things!” 

This popular joke is endearing because it illustrates our hesitancy to accept change, our unknowingness about the nature of life and our innocence when confronted with the signs and symbols of impending transformation. 

We, the citizens of Earth, are currently being confronted with the signs and symbols of impending transformation. We are the generations of man who have volunteered to usher humankind into the next stage of its destiny. While homebound, we are cocooning into a new expression of our culture and our very existence. This may be the leap from Homo Sapiens to Homo Galacticus. 

I recently rewatched “Out on a Limb,” a mini-series based on Shirley MacLaine’s memoir of her spiritual awakening in the 1980’s. It is available on YouTube. In one scene, she is discussing a seeming tragic time of mass death with her friend and mentor, David. When David presents a different viewpoint, Shirley asks, “Are you telling me that they chose to die?” David replied, “No. I’m telling you that they did not die.” 

During these trying times, our foundational beliefs are being challenged. Our definitions of success, society, health, death and the purpose of life, are by necessity being transformed while we are cocooned at home, resting and munching away at our snacks. What looks like the death of a way of life will turn out to be a beautiful rebirth. 

There are no accidents. There are no victims. There is no loss. There is only God—God eternally unfolding as humankind enters our next sacred expression of All That Is. 

Sleep well. Munch away. Accept change. And fear not. The Lord is with us and all is well. 

Love always, 

Rev. Carla