First the Blade, then the Ear

One of the greatest reminders that we have about faith comes from Mark 4:28 “For the earth brings forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.” We see from this verse that all things in nature proceed in good, orderly fashion. 

In our own lives it is sometimes challenging to see the full ear of corn when only the tender shoot is visible. Yet, if we allow ourselves to be comforted by the knowing that all is well, we can see the promise of tomorrow’s harvest. 

We prepare--just a farmer prepares the field for planting, then tends the crops until the harvest. We make room in our lives for incoming good. We clear away the debris of the past—externally, and more importantly, internally--so that we are ready for a new harvest. We deny that the past has power over us, forgiving others and ourselves, and releasing emotions attached to negative memories. We reclaim our power and our optimism. 

When we are willing to let go of past drama, we become aware of the opportunities before us today. We open our hearts and minds to the many gifts that life offers. We allow the clear light of the Christ to shine forth, illuminating our understanding, and lighting our way. 

This autumn, let us prepare for the harvest in our lives. We release. We heal. We claim our power. We greet our good. We stay centered in faith when the blade appears, knowing that it is the herald of the harvest. 

Here at Unity Spiritual Community, we have opportunities to help one another along the path to fulfillment. We are grateful for each one who steps forward to share their gifts and let their light shine! 

Namaste, Rev. Carla