Leap Lightly

During our Ritual of the Burning Bowl this past December, I released over $40,000 deferred income (back pay) that our church has conscientiously tracked over the years. I’ve rarely felt so light or so free. It reminds me of how I felt when I was a teenager getting my hair cut short for the summer. 

Once I went to a hairdresser who taught that getting your hair cut would help you to lose weight--that old growth hair and extra pounds are both places we store unresolved feelings. Old debt is also a depository for old feelings. The energy needed to maintain these negative memories is then not available for other uses. 

The Hawaiian technique of Ho’oponopono involves taking complete responsibility for all aspects of our lives. This is a daring concept, audacious in its execution. If you are aware of something out of alignment with your spiritual Truth, regardless of how you became aware of it (first-hand, hearsay, broadcast news), you have the power to make it right. Regardless of whether the area of struggle is personal, corporate or global, you have the power to make it right. Regardless of who is to blame, you have the power to make it right. Learn more about Ho’oponopono at our service this coming Sunday. 

Being aware that you have unlimited creativity, and applying it intentionally, are your gifts to our universal family. By taking action, whether through inner corrections or outer changes, we reduce humankind’s burden of error thinking. 

So choose freedom. Choose the knowing that no one owes you anything. Leap lightly into a future that recognizes that God has always been your source. Release that which ties you to a past that exists only in your own mind. Live a daring and audacious life! 

Peace, love and rock 'n roll!! 

Rev. Carla