Scarlett or Melanie, Which?

Are you a Scarlett? Are you plucky and passionate? Do you sometimes struggle needlessly? Or are you a Melanie? Are you serene and loving, always seeing the best in people? The truth is that we all have qualities of each of these iconic women of the old South. 

And for the men, are you an Ashley or a Rhett? Like Ashley, do you value tradition and family, or are you a bit of a maverick like Rhett Butler? The enduring qualities of these characters created an unforgettable story. 

I have recently become aware that many of my younger friends have never seen Gone with the Wind (or read the book). Though the story may not be politically correct, and presents an fictionalized version of the era, the characters call to us, reminding us of times we needed to be courageous, understanding, outrageous and steadfast. We see the best, and worst, of ourselves reflected in the actions of these heroes and heroines. 

There are little areas of my mind reserved for places like Tara, The West Wing, Downton Abbey and Unity Village. These are places that represent the richness and depth of life. Whether real or fiction, they are energetic receptacles for some of humankind’s greatest ideals, struggles, wisdom and compassion. They exist in the minds and hearts of millions of us, giving us common references and a shared culture to draw upon when we come together. 

Whether you are a Scarlett or a Melanie, an Ashley or a Rhett, the larger-than-life legends of our literature and cinema will speak to parts of your experience, showing you the common bond that unites humankind throughout the ages. 

At USC we are preparing for a summer of fun! We have put together an outrageous selection of events, designed to move us ever forward on our spiritual journey! 

Namaste, Rev. Carla